A Border Patrol vehicle keeps an eye on the border wall

A Border Patrol vehicle keeps an eye on the border wall

“Ambos Nogales,” the two cities that share an international border between the states of Arizona and Sonora, have several distinct similarities and differences.

Nogales, Arizona is a small, quiet town with 20,000 inhabitants that has a rich history that starts as a nineteenth-century frontier outpost.

Its neighbor to the south, Nogales, Mexico, is a bustling city of 250,000 residents that has experienced rapid growth since the initiation of cross-border maquiladora factories in the 1970′s. Perhaps best known for its border stores and businesses, Nogales is rapidly evolving into a modern Mexican city that features not only arts, culture and an emerging middle class of wage earners due to its growing economic manufacturing base, and ancillary economic boosters that include a thriving medical and dental tourism industry.

There is nowhere else like Ambos Nogales, and it often finds itself in the middle of an international news topic. Immigration reform, economic development, Mexico tourism, cartel violence, establishing and maintaining control of the international border, Customs and Border protection, Mexican culture and border life are just but a few.

And to be perfectly honest, many “out-of-town” news sources, especially those from outside of Arizona, often misinterpret a news story. Because no matter how straightforward a Nogales news story can have its own nuances that will not be seen or completely understood by outsiders.

Nogales news and information come in many forms, due to the diversity of players and potential events that can happen in this complex international border region. Because of this, we are going to try to keep things simple, organized and informative. And always interesting.

You will not find lengthy articles, usually just the meat of a story with a link to a published news story or an opinion blog (or both).

This page is also going to be a source of current events of interest in the Nogales border region.

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